burning after using NeuEve

Thanks for reaching out.   How old are you?
When women have vaginal atrophy, the area is very sensitive.  It will become better when the atrophy is improved.   Mild discomfort is a part of the treatment. It will go away soon. Do not worry too much.
The normal pH inside the vagina is mildly acidic like pH 4.0, but the pH outside is neutral like pH 7.0.
When the suppository is inside you do not feel discomfort because the pH (acidity) of the product is the right pH inside.  When the melted liquid leaks out, it may cause a burning sensation to the outside skin.
To reduce discomfort, you can wash it to remove the leaked liquid. The discomfort will go away.
Next time, you can place the suppository deeper inside.
NeuEve is made of nutrients, nothing is harmful.  Over 100,000 women including myself have used for years and found relief.
Please use cream first for 2 weeks, then cut the suppository into halves and use a half each time.
Best wishes.

Feb 15, 2021