Any discomforts are associated with BV Clear application?

Most women before menopause may not feel any discomfort after using BV Clear. Some may experience discharge, spotting, or irritation. This is normal. For discharge or spotting, you can wear a pantiliner for protection.

Spotting is not caused by the product. BV itself causes it. it was not visible because the bleeding happens internally and in a small amount. After using BV Clear, the product induces discharge, which washes out the old blood and it becomes visible.

If you are postmenopausal, breastfeeding, on birth control pills or certain medication, or have had breast cancer treatment, hysterectomy, or a skin disease called lichen sclerosus or lichen planus, you may feel irritation. This can be resolved by cutting one suppository into two halves lengthwise and use one half at a time, or by switching products to NeuEve Silk, Silver or Gold depending on your age and the severity of your vaginal atrophy.

The ingredients are all-natural and food-grade. Nothing is harmful. Discomfort, if any, will disappear shortly.

Feb 21, 2021