How is NeuEve better than hyaluronic acid suppository?

Hyaluronic acid suppository is a good vaginal moisturizer. It is good for relieving vaginal dryness in a woman younger than 45 or pre-menopausal. However, it has no effect on relieving vaginal atrophy in women older than 45 or postmenopausal. If you are over 45, your symptom is caused by age-related vaginal atrophy. Hyaluronic acid suppository is useless because it cannot reverse vaginal atrophy.

Hyaluronic acid is a super-large molecule of 7,000,000 Dalton's in size, equivalent to about 20,000 sugar molecules. It is a major component inside of the skin. If you take hyaluronic acid as a dietary supplement, you may be able to absorb it after enzyme digestion in the gut. However, due to its super-large size, hyaluronic acid cannot be absorbed from the skin surface, because the skin has a barrier function that blocks large molecules from entering the skin.

Therefore, putting hyaluronic acid on the skin does not have any nutritional value as its manufacturer claimed. The only thing that it can provide is water as it traps water.

On the other hand, NeuEve provides all essential nutrients for the skin like calcium and vitamin D for osteoporotic bones. They all can be absorbed by the dried skin due to small molecular sizes. This is the reason why tens of thousands of women customers reported that their vaginal atrophy has completely relieved after using NeuEve and the reversal of atrophy was confirmed by their gynecologist doctors.

So far, more than 100,000 women have been using NeuEve for vaginal atrophy. Nearly all of them are previous users of cheaper products like hyaluronic acid suppository. After they have continued experiencing vaginal atrophy, they realized that the hyaluronic acid suppository has no effect on reversing vaginal atrophy, and they have switched to NeuEve. After they have been on NeuEve for some time, they found complete relief.

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