Can I combine autoship and normal order?

I want to order NeuEve Silver Suppositories for subscription and also to buy a vaginal cream, but I cannot put these two items into one shopping cart to get the free shipping discount. Could you show me how?

If you order two items from the "Ordering à la carte" box, you can click the button "add to cart" for these two items individually, and the two items will be added into the same cart. However, if you wish to subscribe to the NeuEve Silver for the monthly auto-shipping program and buy a cream separately from the "Ordering à la carte" box, you cannot put them into the same cart.

You will need to purchase the two items separately. The Paypal computer program cannot combine these two items in the same cart because these two are different types of deals. To fix this problem, place two orders on the same day and we will ship them together in the same package.

Dec 5, 2020