To stop BV or AV from coming back, what is the difference between BV Clear and Gold formula?

Both BV Clear and Gold formula can be used for health maintenance to stop BV from coming back.

BV Clear is for women under 45 who do not have vaginal atrophy.

Gold is for women at perimenopausal age, like 45-50, who has a mild vaginal atrophy.

Silver is for women 50-55, who has a moderate vaginal atrophy.

Silk is for women >55, who has a severe vaginal atrophy.

After your BV or AV is cleared , within 48 hours (two days) you can start to apply NeuEve Gold or BV Clear for health maintenance.

You can use 1 suppository per week, skipping the menstrual period week. One pack is for 1 month of supply.

This article is written for BV, but it is the same idea for AV.

How to stop BV from coming back?

If you do not see BV or AV coming back for 3 months, you may be BV or AV free for a long time.

For younger women without vaginal dryness and atrophy, they do not need to provide additional moisture and to reverse vaginal atrophy with added nutrients. They just need to suppress unwanted bacteria.

BV Clear works two times better than Gold in suppressing unwanted bacteria. But if the woman has vaginal atrophy and dryness, Gold is better, especially for women at peri or early postmenopausal age.

The benefits of NeuEve Gold (Silver or Silk) for these women are two fold:

  1. Deliver nutrients to help reverse vaginal atrophy and dryness. A healthy moist vagina without atrophy is like a filled pond with a high level of water. Only fish (anaerobic bacteria) can grow in it. Land animals like rabbits (aerobic bacteria) cannot grow due to the lack of oxygen. If you have vaginal atrophy and dryness, your "pond" is a dry pond. There is no fish, only land animals (aerobic bacteria). If this is the case, using NeuEve Gold may be better than BV Clear. A dry pond allows aerobic bacteria to grow. By changing the environment to a water filled pond, you will get fish and land animals will disappear. O)therwise, aerobic bacteria can easily grow back.
  2. To change the micro-environment so that vaginal Lactobacillus can retake the space.

If you have used multiple different antibiotics to clear your stubborn BV or AV, and even if these antibiotics failed to clear the bad bacteria, they might have cleared good ones. Since you may not have good bacteria (assuming they were fish) left, even if you change the environment by filling water into the dried pond, there would be no fish to grow back.

While you are using NeuEve Gold or BV Clear for maintenance, we suggest that you also take Fem Dophilus pill to replenish vaginal lactobacillus. This is not our product but you can get it from Amazon.

This product was developed by Dr. Greg Reid, a renowned expert in woman's probiotic research. He did a clinical study and found that oral intake of these probiotics worked better than direct vaginal instillation. So, these oral pills are used for women to replenish the population of vaginal friendly bacteria.

Why did oral intake work better than direct vaginal instillation?

Here is an explanation. If your lawn is overtaken by crabgrass, putting a lot of lawn grass seeds all at once on top of the crabgrass may not help you replace the crabgrass. However, if you spread a few lawn grass seeds between the spaces of crabgrass continuously for a long period of time, lawn grass may gradually grow more and eventually replace the crabgrass.

Oral intake of Lactobacillus bacteria may continuously reseed the vaginal Lactobacillus through the fecal urogenital passage. Vaginal lactobacillus population may grow back inconspicuously overtime. It may work better if you use NeuEve at the same time because NeuEve clears unwanted bacteria, creating vacant spots for incoming probiotic friendly Lactobacillus bacteria.

Aug 27, 2022

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