Can NeuEve relieve my atrophy quickly?

"I am 70 and am going to get married, again, after 20 years, to a younger man. So I am in trouble. Give me advice. Tell me what I need. Please. Thank you."

At 70 and not sexually active for 20 years, you may have aging-related vaginal atrophy. It is a shrinkage of the vaginal tissue. Due to tissue shrinkage, you may experience painful sex or you may not be able to have sexual intercourse.

Vaginal atrophy is related to aging and menopause. All women may have it when they get older. It is a normal part of aging and is not a disease. It just like wrinkles on the face in older people. But there are products that can help you. NeuEve has worked well in helping older women to find relief from vaginal atrophy. It is hormone-free and safe.

The right products for you to start are NeuEve Silk suppository and NeuEve cream.

After you are on Silk for 3-6 months, you may move up a level to NeuEve Silver to get a more rapid recovery. You may find relief in 3-6 months as your atrophy is relatively severe.

Why does it take so long to recover? The answer is age. The older a woman gets, the harder it is to reverse the atrophy. For example, wrinkles are atrophy of the skin. Women develop wrinkles often after 40, but young girls put cream on the face even before 12. Why? Because if wrinkles show up, it is difficult to reverse. The best investment in beauty is to apply cream on the face early.

Likewise, the best investment in women’s love life is to apply NeuEve early. What if you are over 70? Is it too old to reverse vaginal atrophy? The answer is “No.” NeuEve can still reverse it, but it may take a little longer time and you will need to use it more often. To date, the oldest woman who has benefited from using NeuEve is 88. If you are younger than 88, you are hopeful.

There are several ways to speed up the recovery. These include:

1)     Use NeuEve products more frequently. For example, the recommended application frequency for NeuEve Silk is one suppository every 4 days. You can do it twice as frequently, like using one every other day. However, you may speed up the recovery a little bit, but it may not be proportional as the recovery of atrophy is a slow process.

2)     Perform vaginal dilation exercise as a combination with NeuEve.
How does dilation combined with NeuEve help relieve severe atrophy
I tried the dilators, but cannot move up the size beyond #3. Any advice?

3)     Take suggested dietary supplements.

The combination approach will help you achieve recovery a little bit sooner, but it will still take some time. Reversal of vaginal atrophy is like the reversal of aging. It is an uphill battle. If you do not work on it hard enough, it will go backward because you get older every day. You must be committed to the treatment and be persistent in using these products to achieve a successful recovery.

Your age is relatively young among NeuEve users and you are highly hopeful. Today, many NeuEve users are over 80. These are mothers or mother-in-laws of our existing customers. When daughters found relief, they refer the products to their mothers, and their mothers also found relief. There is no age limit for recovery using NeuEve.

We have a customer over 70, and she uses Silver after using Silk. Her loving husband left an encouraging review:

"This product saved our sex life! My wife and I are in our 70s, so this was important to us to remain intimate. We started with the introductory product Silk, found that gold was too strong, and silver is perfect. My wife uses it once a week. This is a dream true for us. Thank You."

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Aug 5, 2022

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