Why do you not include an applicator in the suppository package?

Most users of NeuEve are women with severe vaginal atrophy. Their vaginal lining skin is very thin, highly inflamed, extremely dried, and severely atrophied with many hidden microcracks. It can break and bleed by itself even without an apparent trauma like a severely dried lip that cracks.

If you are a first-time user of NeuEve and you have had many years of vaginal dryness and atrophy, we do not recommend that you use an applicator. The reason is that a plastic applicator is stiff. It can cause scratching or scraping injuries and bleeding when the vaginal lining skin is severely atrophied with dryness.

Many customers quit using NeuEve after receiving applicator-associated bleeding injuries. Some complained that the plastic applicator had a bad design. If it was made with softer and rounded material, it would not cause injuries.

The truth is that the applicator is well-designed and the applicator itself is not to blame. The injuries are caused by a highly vulnerable vaginal lining that is extremely thinned, dried, inflamed, and atrophied with many hidden cracks. Even a soft plastic can still cause bleeding injuries. This is the major reason that we do not include an applicator inside the suppository package.

After you use NeuEve for 1 - 4 months, your vaginal dryness and atrophy may be partially relieved. If you wish to use an applicator to place the suppository deeper inside, you can purchase one.

For women with vaginal atrophy, the best "tool" to insert a suppository is your own fingers because you know not to push it too hard if you feel pain and resistance. You will not injure yourself if you use your own fingers. In fact, most NeuEve users do not use an applicator.

Why do we have a suppository applicator listed for sale? It provides an option to customers who wish to use an applicator after they have used NeuEve for a few months.


1) If the suppository is too soft to use in the summer or your area is hot like in the South, you can keep the suppositories in a refrigerator or freezer. You can take one out of the refrigerator or freezer just before use. A cooled suppository will not stick to your fingers and be easy to insert.

2) You can apply some lotion or water to lubricate the tip of the suppository before inserting it with an applicator. Good lubrication can avoid trauma associated with the use of an applicator.

3) You can keep a box of hand tissue wipes nearby. After inserting the suppository, you can use it to wipe your fingers. So, you do not need to get up again to wash your hands.

4) To clean the applicator, you may use soapy water, dish detergent, or shampoo and rinse it well with warm water and let it dry.

Jan 25, 2024

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