How to combine estrogen cream and NeuEve?

My gynecologist also has me on Estrace cream twice a week. How many days should I space out the Silk suppositories with my prescription Estrace?

Estrace is the synthetic estrogen cream and it works fast to restore vaginal atrophy but the trade-off is that Estrace has many side effects, including:

  • light vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • nausea, vomiting, stomach pain
  • headache
  • vaginal itching or discharge
  • breast pain
  • swelling, bloating, weight gain

It also increased the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, stroke, dementia, and blood clot. On the other hand, NeuEve is all-natural, green, and food-grade, and it has no side effects, but the trade-off is that NeuEve works slowly by nourishing the mucosal tissue. It does not interfere with any drugs including Estrace. However, it is not necessary to use the two formulas jointly. You can achieve recovery solely by using NeuEve with a slightly longer recovery time. However, if you want to have a rapid recovery, you can combine the use of NeuEve and Estrace to cut its cancer risks and other side effects by half.

If one application of the Estrace cream lasts for 3 days, on day 4 you can use the NeuEve Silk formula and cream. Then, after 3 days, you can switch back to Estrace for another 3 days, and so on. By using the two products alternately, your total Estrogen exposure will be cut in half and you will still get the same healing effect with 50% reduced cancer risk and other side effects of estrogen.

Jul 24, 2021

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