How Long Will It Take Before Relief?

I have had vaginal dryness and painful sex for about 7 years. I have used 1 box of NeuEve Silk in a month, but I still have not noticed relief. Could you tell me how long I need to use NeuEve before I will notice relief?

NeuEve is not a lube, moisturizer, or painkiller, but a mixture of nutrients that support the mucosal tissue. It reverses vaginal atrophy by nutritional supplements like calcium and vitamin D for bones. Like treating osteoporosis with calcium pills, one bottle is not enough to notice an improvement in bone density. You will need to take at least 5-6 bottles of calcium pills in 3-6 months. If you quit calcium pills after one month, you will not see the recovery of osteoporosis, and fracture may result. Likewise, it may take about several months to notice recovery from vaginal atrophy after using NeuEve. Since your dryness has been for 7 years, the atrophy is quite severe and can take a longer time to notice relief. Based on customers’ feedback, in general, it may take 1 week of NeuEve application for 1 year of past atrophy history. This means that in your case, it may take 7 weeks of NeuEve application before you will notice relief. Please be patient to allow NeuEve to work for you. After you notice relief, please do not quit. Continue using NeuEve will help you stop atrophy from coming back.

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