AV and BV are different, but you recommend the same NeuEve products for stopping AV and BV from returning. Why?

You have an excellent question.

A major difficulty for BV or AV management is the high rate of recurrence. It is common when you treat the vaginal infection with antibiotics or antiseptics (like boric acid). As soon as you stop using these drugs, BV or AV comes back.

NeuEve is the only product that can be used for maintenance to stop BV or AV from coming back. The mechanism of the maintenance is to boost the host's resistance to infection regardless if it is BV or AV.

These NeuEve products modify the malnourished host tissue by topical delivery of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. It does not modify infective agents, unlike antibiotics or antiseptics. Therefore, it does not matter which infection it might be.

A person may be well nourished in general, but in a certain localized tissue, it may be malnourished, which causes this tissue to be atrophic, like vaginal atrophy. This makes the tissue highly susceptible to infection.

To understand how malnutrition may result in infection, you may find this article helpful:


The most effective method to reverse malnourishment is by nutritional supplements. This is how NeuEve works to reverse the atrophied vaginal tissue.

Antibiotics or antiseptics only kill bacteria. They cannot reverse tissue malnutrition. Therefore, these drugs cannot terminate the vaginal infection associated with weakened tissue resistance due to malnourishment.

Once you stop using antibiotics, the infection recurs. Why? the root cause is not eliminated. Using NeuEve Silver or Gold based on recommended application schedule can help you stop getting recurrent BV or AV.

NeuEve is the only product that can clear your AV or BV for good because it works to eliminate the root cause of these infections.

**Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. It is about natural products, nutrients, and/or methods for managing discomforts associated with vaginal dysbiosis (not a true infection or disease). It is not medical advice for the treatment of any disease.

Aug 19, 2023

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