How does NeuEve kill bad bacteria without using antibiotics?

Antibiotics kill bacteria by direct toxicity or poison.

The problem is that only a small number of bacteria are bad for you. Most bacteria that colonize your body do no harm to you. Some may be beneficial by providing vitamins in your gut or as a space holder so that bad bacteria or yeast will not colonize. If all bacteria including the good ones are killed by antibiotics, yeast may take over, causing yeast infection.

Also, antibiotics cannot kill bacteria that are drug resistant. For example, Enterococcus and E. col that cause aerobic vaginitis (AV) often are superbugs that resist almost all antibiotics available to date.

NeuEve is not a drug or antibiotic. It kills unwanted bacteria by changing the micro-environment. Therefore, even if the superbugs resist all antibiotics, they can be killed when the environment is changed.

About how changing environment can kill unwanted bacteria, let us use a fish analogy to explain it.

If you want to reduce fish (assuming it was unwanted bacterium) in a pond, you do not need to poison it. Adding poison to the pond will kill not only fish but also other life forms. Poison may also pollute the environment, causing environmental safety concerns. To kill fish, you can drain the pond (environmental change). Fish will die out without polluting the environment.

The key to success is to keep pond dry long enough time. If you take the water out briefly, and then pour it back, some fish may survive.

Therefore, for this method to work well, using NeuEve products consistently for a longer time is important.

The benefits of using this method is a lack side effects associated with antibiotics usage. It does not cause drug resistance, yeast infection and many other antibiotics-associated side effects.

Its limitation is that it works only for surface infection like the vaginal cavity, where the product can be topically delivered. Deep infections like pneumonia in the lungs, the product cannot be delivered. You will need to use antibiotics for that.

Changing microenvironment can clear infections of the urogenital cavity, like BV, AV, VC, and chronic UTIs. It does not have side effects.

Therefore, healing infections naturally is the best healing.

Mar 24, 2022

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