To relieve vaginal dryness, how can the cream apply on the outside benefit deep inside?

Let me explain how the cream works.

The dryness of the vaginal cavity is the result of a lack of secretion of the vaginal mucus glands. When women get older, especially after menopause, estrogen reduces and all the vaginal mucus glands stop secretion and become dormant, but they are not dead. Applying estrogen can weak up these dormant mucus glands, but we do not recommend using estrogen because it has a cancer risk.

There is a safer method.

We can use dry eyes as an example for explanation purposes. When people get older, their eyes may become dry and uncomfortable. Artificial tears can be used for dryness relief. However, they can rapidly wear out. The eyes become dry again. A better solution is to wake up the dried tear glands. Once the tear glands are wakened up, they can secrete tears slowly 24/7 to moisturize the eyes and do not wear out.

Cutting an onion can wake up dried tear glands, but you must cut a small or mid-sized onion. If the onion is too big, it may cause too much irritation, and too many tears and discomforts. You do not need to squeeze an onion juice right into the eyes to cause the tear-stimulation effect. A little distance works better.

Likewise, the NeuEve cream works by providing a mild stimulation on the vulvar tissue. This mild stimulation is like a small onion to wake up dried mucus glands deep inside the vagina. You only need to use a tiny bit each time. It works with a distant effect. In addition to mild stimulation, it also delivers beneficial nutrients to help reverse the atrophied vaginal mucosa skin. You only need to apply a tiny bit each time, so one jar lasts over 3-4 months.

Mar 28, 2021

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