Can NeuEve clear Ureaplasma?

Ureaplasma has been linked to a variety of medical problems, including bacterial vaginosis (BV). It contributes to the fishy odor of BV due to ammonia release.

Ureaplasma hydrolyzes the urea complex by utilizing urease enzyme. It is gram negative, facultative anaerobic bacteria. This means that it can survive in the air and its infection may be considered as a type of aerobic vaginitis (AV).

It is harder to clear than the common BV causative bacteria like Gardnerella vaginalis. The reason is that Ureaplasma is naturally resistant to many commonly used antibiotics, including those used to clear BV. If you have recurrent BV and used several rounds of antibiotics, but your BV symptoms are not cleared or keep coming back, you may want to test if you have Ureaplasma.

Another reason ureaplasma is difficult to clear is that some ureaplasma bacteria may hide in your bladder and also in your partner's urinary system, escaping from treatment. After your infection is cleared in the vagina, it may return from your bladder or the partner via sexual contact. This article explains:

After my BV is cleared, it comes back when I have sex. Can man pass BV to woman?

To reduce the load of Ureaplasma in your bladder, you may follow the suggestions detailed in this article.

At least five top phases of NeuEve products may clear Ureaplasma. Silver (okay), Gold (good), BV Clear (excellent), BV Clear Finisher (outstanding), and AV NIL (the best).

AV NIL is the first choice because it is the most effective and can be tolerated by most women, including those who are over 70. However, for maintenance after using AV NIL, you will need to choose a product that matches your age. This article explains:

I have aerobic vaginitis (AV). Which product should I start?

If you can follow the suggestions detailed in this article, your stubborn infection may be soon cleared.

How to tell if it works in clearing Ureaplasma?

You can tell by if your BV-related fishy odor and discharge are gone after using the product. Once your are odor and discharge free, you will know that Ureaplasma is reduced. If it does not come back for a few weeks, you will know that it is completely cleared. You can do a vaginal microbiome lab test like the Juno test.

Since Ureaplamsa often comes back from its hideout reservoirs (the bladder and the partner), after it is cleared, you may do maintenance as suggested in this article to help stop it from coming back:

How to stop BV from coming back?


Customer feedback on clearance of Ureaplasma

By Yanique
2022/08/05 6:57:37

"Listen ladies, This product has saved my life! I was diagnosed with ureaplasma in May 2022 after suffering for three years from reoccurring BV. No other doctor had tested me for ureaplasma so for the past three years. I was prescribed antibiotics for BV and it never worked. My sex life was full of pain and burning and I hated myself. In June 2022, After doing some research I found NeuEve. I finished the round of antibiotics the doc gave me for the ureaplasma as I was taking them when I found out about this product. Once I finished the antibiotics, I started using BV clear. Ladies let me tell you…. All of my symptoms were gone within the first three days of taking this product! While on the antibiotics (I was also taking probiotics at the same time) I still felt symptoms of ureaplasma. NeuEve was my last resort before I went back to my doctor to tell her I still felt pain. When I went back to the doc she tested me for ureaplasma and I no longer had it! I am so excited and happy. I am now subscribed to NeuEve and I don’t care about the cost. This product has literally saved my sex life. Thank you so much. Seriously!"

Scared to try, but I am so glad I did

By Jenn

So I was diagnosed with ureaplasma after months of severe pain(Dr kept misdiagnosing me) anyway finally gave me the right test and prescribed me meds! Took them and 2 weeks later I had pain and that fishy smell (quite embarrassing)! Looked online, saw this product (NeuEve Gold) and asked many questions to which I received honest answers. I never tried a suppository before but was desperate! So glad I did, it’s been a month and I have no odor or pain!!!! Should be getting my second box and will continue to buy them!!

Apr 2, 2024

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