BV Clear didn't work. What next?

There are two possibilities that the BV Clear might not work.

One possibility is that your symptoms might be caused by conditions other than BV, such as yeast, trichomoniasis, or other infections. Many infections can cause discharges and odor, but only BV causes a special pungent fishy odor. If you do not have the BV-specific fishy odor, the likelihood is high that something else might be the culprit of your symptoms. If so, we suggest that you visit a doctor to get a diagnosis.

The second possibility is that you have BV but your BV is a severe type. The regular BV Clear might not be strong enough to relieve it. A sign of severe BV is that you have tried several different BV care products but all have failed to clear this BV. Most importantly, you have visited a doctor and got a diagnosis.

If your case is a severe type of BV, you may find better relief with the extra-strength NeuEve BV Clear-customized formula. You can contact us by emailing to inquire about the advanced BV Clear-customized formula. This product 3x more concentrated than the regular BV Clear, but the trade-off is that it might cause irritation in women who have never tried the regular BV Clear. Therefore, it is not for sale to the public. We only offer it to existing customers because using the regular BV Clear first helps women better tolerate the stronger formula. For example, a coffee drinker can better tolerate the more concentrated Espresso than a non-coffee drinker. The price of the customized formula is the same as the regular BV Clear.

You will need to be more patient. The tough BV may take multiple suppositories to recover, but you will notice signs of improvement, such as a reduction in odor and discharge, each time when you apply a suppository. If you do not find relief after repeated use of NeuEve BV Clear-customized formula, you will need to see an Ob-Gyn specializing in infectious diseases for a checkup to verify if you truly have BV or have other infections.

Jan 18, 2021