Why didn't BV Clear work for me?

Why does the BV Clear work for other women but not for me?

BV is not a true infection but an upset of vaginal ecology, namely a reduction of friendly Lactobacillus bacteria and overgrowth of bad bacteria, which can be any species.

Let us use lawn care as an example. When you have a green turf and weeds are under control, you are healthy, but if weeds outgrow lawn grass, you have BV. The problem is that weeds can be any species. If they are common species like dandelions, you can easily eliminate them with the regular weed-n-feed. However, if the weeds are tenacious like crabgrass, the regular weed-n-feed may not work. You may need something more potent. Since weed-n-feed is the cheapest product, people often try that first to see if it works.

Likewise, BV has many different types. Some have no symptoms, while others have a fishy odor, discharge, burning, and/or itching depending on what bacterial species overgrowing. Still, some other vaginal infections, such as yeast and trich, may show BV-like symptoms and be misdiagnosed as BV. NeuEve as a “weed-n-feed” like home remedy has worked for about 90-96% of women with BV. This is not a bad rate of success because nearly all these women have tried nearly all other BV care products under the sun before trying NeuEve.

Making a product for BV relief is like making a dress for ladies. One-size cannot fit all. The fact that NeuEve works for some women but not for others is normal. If you find NeuEve works for you, you have found the "dress" of your "size" and can buy it for future use. If you have tried the regular NeuEve Clear but your symptoms persist, you can contact us by email at contact@neueve.com to inquire about the advanced BV Clear-customized formula. It has so far cleared nearly all tough BV cases that did not respond to the regular BV Clear and other BV care products. However, if this formula fails to clear your BV, you may have a condition other than BV. We suggest that you visit an Ob/Gyn to have a checkup.

Jan 18, 2021

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