I felt burning after using NeuEve Silk and cream. What should I do?

Vaginal tissue becomes sensitive when it is severely atrophied, inflamed, or injured. It can be sensitive to anything, even to water. Even though NeuEve delivers natural nutrients, like vitamins, and nothing is harmful, many women may be sensitive to these nutrients. Therefore, we have developed 5 phases of NeuEve formulas that deliver different concentrations of nutrients suitable for women of different ages and health conditions. These are:

Cream, phase 0       - for postmenopausal women of all ages (>45) to relieve vulvar itching, dryness, and atrophy
Silk, phase 1            - for postmenopausal women (>55) to relieve vaginal atrophy, painful sex, chronic BV, and UTIs.
Silver, phase 2         - for postmenopausal women (50-55) to relieve vaginal atrophy, painful sex, chronic BV, and UTIs.
Gold, phase 3          - for postmenopausal women (<50) to relieve vaginal atrophy, painful sex, chronic BV, and UTIs.
BV Clear, phase 4   - for premenopausal women (<45) to relieve BV.

The NeuEve Cream is the mildest one. It is often used along with the Silk by older women to relieve itching or severe vaginal dryness and atrophy. However, a woman with severe vaginal atrophy can feel irritation if using too much of the cream. If you used the cream and felt irritation, you might have overapplied the cream more than the correct amount. Even if you used a small amount and still felt burning, that "small" amount could be too large for you because you may be a sensitivity type.

You should clean it to remove the cream as much as you can to stop the irritation. After 3-4 days when the sensitivity quiets down, you can restart using the cream in the correct amount. The correct amount for sensitive women to start is a tiny bit like 1/10 of a dime size of a touch of the fingertip. After using the cream for 1-2 weeks at this tiny amount, the dryness and atrophy will be partially relieved and you can use it a little bit more, like 1/4 of a dime size and finally a dime size, without feeling irritation.

If you start with the phase 1 Silk suppository and feel burning, this means that your vaginal atrophy is very severe and you can do the following to help improve your tolerance.

  1. Stop using the suppository for 2-3 weeks. Using the NeuEve Cream daily with a tiny bit to the exterior vulva for 2-3 weeks. This will turn on the dormant mucus glands to re-gain moisture and help reduce the severity of your vaginal atrophy.
  2. Cut the suppository into two halves or 3 pieces lengthwise with a pair of scissors and use one half or 1/3 (if you are super sensitive) every other day or daily (if you are not sensitive to 1/2 or 1/3).

Cut suppository to 2-3 pieces.JPG

If you choose one formula that fits your age, such as phase 3 Gold, but you feel burning, the right formula for you is a lower phase such as Silver or Silk. You can save the current one in a refrigerator for future use or to cut it into two halves or 3 pieces and use one half or 1/3 at a time to reduce its irritation.

Tip: Inserting the suppository in the daytime and getting up and walk around can cause the melted liquid to leak out. The leaked out ingredients can cause burning to the opening of the vaginal skin. Therefore, when you insert the suppository, you need to insert it at bedtime and insert it deep inside and in a laying down position before sleep. This way, it can stay inside for the whole night. On the second morning, it is no longer irritative because its ingredients are largely absorbed. The tissue inside is not sensitive. The sensitive skin is the outside at the opening. To understand this, you may find this article helpful: I have been using NeuEve Silk. It is OK inside but why does it cause burning as it exits my body.

If you have tried the above methods but still feel burning after using substantially reduced product, you may be a highly sensitive type. You can save the unfinished product in a refrigerator for future use and try Sensitive Silk and/or Sensitive Cream designed for highly sensitive women. These products are milder than regular products and can help highly sensitive women to start the treatment without feeling irritation.

Apr 30, 2023

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