Why did you stop the auto-shipping program (subscription) for overseas buyers?

Two factors affect the overseas auto-shipping program:

The first factor is the uncontrolled shipping time. It usually takes at least two weeks to ship a package to overseas, even to our neighboring country Canada. The major holdup is at the border customs. It sometimes blocks the package for one week, but sometimes for several weeks even months. Each time the customs holdup is different. Our overseas customers cannot reliably expect that their auto-shipped order will arrive on time every month.

The second factor is the added overseas shipping cost. We offer free shipping for all domestic buyers inside the US. But for overseas buyers, the postage is $20 - $30 each. We give some discount to deduct the small cost that covers a free shipping for domestic postage. Each overseas buyer still needs to pay $18 to cover the overseas postage. Thus, the increased overseas shipping cost jacks up the total cost of the product.

Therefore, we encourage our overseas customers purchase NeuEve products using "One-time purchase" of multiple items. This can generate substantial saving due to bulk discount and added shipping cost.

Below is a table on the savings for purchasing by one-time bulk purchase over monthly subscription.

Bulk saving-1.PNG

To obtain savings, you need to order at least two packs at a time. The more items you purchase, the more savings you will get.

If you purchase 1 year of supply (12 items), the saving can be as high as $242.80. The product can be kept cold in a refrigerator for long-term storage.

Feb 27, 2023

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