After using NeuEve Silk suppository, I have white milky discharge. Is this normal?

Thank you for the inquiry.

White discharge is not only normal, but shows that the product is highly effective. It has re-activated your dried mucus glands to secret mucus so that your dryness will be effectively relieved with continued using of NeuEve.

Due to the initial mucus gland re-activation, the discharge may be more dramatic at first. With continued use, maybe after 1-2 packs of the Silk suppositories, the discharge may gradually reduce to the normal range.

If the discharge is too much to manage, you may use a pad or pantiliner for protection. You only need to do it on the next day after using a suppository. After the 3rd day, the discharge will be reduced to minimum and you may not need to wear any protection.

Alternatively, you may cut a suppository to two halves and use one half every other day. This way, the mucus gland activation effect can be reduced in half and your discharge will also be reduced.

Cut suppository-small.JPG

Congratulations for a successful beginning of recovery. Your dryness may soon be a history, and you may soon enjoy an age-reversing experience with continued use of NeuEve.

If you have any additional questions about NeuEve, please click on FAQ on the banner and type your question keyword like “discharge” and hit return. You may get multiple answers to the question, like brown discharge.

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Sep 2, 2022

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