Light pink discharge after using NeuEve Silk suppository and/or balm cream. What happened?

This is great news! It indicates that the product is working for you.

Let me explain.

Since the color is light pink, it may be old and dried blood hidden inside due to previous dryness induced injuries or tissue cracks like bleeding in dried cracked lips. Your tissue might have bled a tiny amount but was not flushed out by itself apparently due to dryness and lack of mucus secretion.

After you applied the NeuEve suppository and/or cream, it revived the dormant mucus glands deep inside to secrete mucus, which in turn washed out the small amount of  old dried blood, showing light pink color. This is an indication that your tissue has responded well to the suppository and/or cream and begins to secrete mucus.

Since the secretion or self-cleansing system has been turned on, you will see a few days of pinkish color discharge until it is completely clean.

It is not new bleeding. If there was fresh bleeding, the color should be fresh red and you would see fresh red spotting.

Please do not worry about it. Please continue using the NeuEve suppository and/or Balm Cream.

To date, NeuEve has helped over 100,000 postmenopausal women, including thousands of breast cancer survivors who cannot use estrogen, to recover from extremely severe vaginal atrophy and dryness safely without any side effects.

You will find relief soon.

Jan 4, 2023

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