Knowledge about women's health

  • Can NeuEve be used by women with active breast cancer?

    NeuEve is all-natural, hormone-free, herb-free, and yam- free. It works by providing essential nutrients to the atrophied vaginal soft tissue. Essential nutrients include vitamins and minerals. Without these nutrients in the diet humans cannot survive. Therefore, NeuEve is safe. As opposed to die...
  • Why women with vaginal atrophy are more sensitive to treatment products?

    Healthy skin is a good protective barrier. You can put salt on it without feeling pain. However, if your skin has an open wound, the protective barrier is broken. If you put salt on the wound, you will feel pain. You may feel pain even if you put water on it. Likewise, an atrophied vaginal lin...
  • wound tissue

    Thanks for reaching out. I do not recommend using suppository on wound tissues. You can use NeuEve cream to put on outside on the vulva area to help dryness. If you have more questions, please ask your doctor.