Can NeuEve be used by women with active breast cancer?

NeuEve is all-natural, hormone-free, herb-free, and yam- free. It works by providing essential nutrients to the atrophied vaginal soft tissue. Essential nutrients include vitamins and minerals. Without these nutrients in the diet humans cannot survive. Therefore, NeuEve is safe. As opposed to dietary supplements, NeuEve delivers these nutrients topically to the atrophied vaginal tissue, like a nutrient cream for stopping wrinkles on the face (atrophy of the skin).

Since NeuEve is hormone-free, technically it does not interfere with breast cancer treatment. However, we do not recommend women with active breast cancer to use NeuEve before their cancer is in remission. Due to recent advancements in medicine, the breast cancer cure rate has improved a lot, but it is not yet 100%. If by any chance the cancer is not completely cured or it recurs later, the oncologist might blame on something else that the patient has used.

If you have active breast cancer, we suggest that you focus on the cancer treatment first. Once your cancer is in remission, you can use NeuEve without any worries. The appropriate products for relieving vaginal atrophy for breast cancer survivors are NeuEve Silk, NeuEve vulva balm cream, dilators, and nutritional supplements as described above.

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Jan 19, 2021

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