I'm 73 and have leaky bladder. Can NeuEve help me?

Thank you for the inquiry.

Technically, only drugs can "cure" diseases. NeuEve is not a drug, but a natural product. So, we cannot say that it can fix leaky bladder. But for certain aging-related "diseases," even drugs may have limited effects.

NeuEve delivers nutrients to nourish the atrophied, weakened, or prolapsed tissue. It uses natural ingredients to provide alternative or complementary solutions to common feminine problems that conventional approaches are less effective.

With continued use of NeuEve, you may find it beneficial to ease your discomfort.

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About leaky bladder, it may be caused by local factors like bladder prolapse, weakened sphincter muscle, or UTI or by a lack of neurological control associated with vitamin B1 deficiency.

Thus, using NeuEve along with taking vitamin B1 (Thiamine) may be helpful.

For women age 50-70, they can start with NeuEve Silk and cream.

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I hope that you will find relief soon.

Apr 25, 2023

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