I felt burning after using BV Clear. What should I do?

The BV Clear is a strong formula designed for effectively clearing BV. The trade-off is that older women after menopause may feel burning due to vaginal atrophy. Therefore, we do not recommend postmenopausal women to use BV Clear. If they have BV, they can treat it by reading this article: Is BV after menopause treated differently?

Most women younger than 50 or premenopausal can tolerate BV Clear well without a problem because they do not have vaginal atrophy. However, if these women are on birth control pills, breastfeeding, or have had an IUD, lichen sclerosus, lichen planus, hysterectomy, cancer therapy, or relatively severe inflammation, they might feel burning or irritation. The reason is that these health conditions might cause vaginal atrophy at a younger age, or their tissue is sensitized due to severe inflammation.

To avoid irritation, premenopausal women who are on birth control pills, breastfeeding, or have had an IUD, hysterectomy, cancer therapy, or relatively severe inflammation can use the BV Clearing method designed for postmenopausal women. Due to their young age, they may skip the level 1 Silk and start with level 2 Silver and move up to level 3 Gold in 1-2 months. These products are milder and will not cause irritation if used sequentially. They can both clear BV and reverse vaginal atrophy, but it may take a little longer time than using the stronger formula BV Clear. Once their BV is cleared, they can use NeuEve Gold for maintenance to stop BV from coming back.

If you have used 1 BV Clear suppository and felt burning, you can still use the remaining suppositories without irritation. First, you can wash the vagina to remove the ingredients as much as you can to reduce the irritation if the irritation persists. After the sensitivity quiets down in the next 2-3 days, you can monitor the reduction of BV symptoms, like fishy odor and discharge. A discharge on the second day is a normal response to the product. To evaluate BV-related discharge, you need to wait for 3 days. Even if you wash it out shortly after inserting it, about 60% of the chance it might have cleared your BV if your BV is a milder case. If so, you can switch to the maintenance mode by reading this article. How to stop BV from coming back? However, you should use the maintenance method designed for postmenopausal women to avoid sensitivity.

If you have a severe type of BV and symptoms persist after the first suppository, you can continue using BV Clear suppository without irritation. However, you will need to reduce the dosage by 50% by cutting the suppository into two halves lengthwise with a pair of scissors. You can use one-half suppository every other day. Reducing the dosage per application can decrease the sensitivity to the product, but its ability to clear BV is not reduced as you can use the product more frequently. For example, if you use a whole suppository every 3 days, you can use a half suppository every 2 days.

Finally, NeuEve is made with all-natural, food-grade safe ingredients. These ingredients provide beneficial nutrients to the malnourished vaginal tissue to boost its resistance against infections. Even though some of the nutrients may cause irritation in sensitive women, nothing is harmful. Comparing to common mouthwashes like Listerine, the irritation of NeuEve occurs much less frequently and often milder. The discomfort, if any, will reduce with time and fully disappear shortly. Please do not worry about it.

Jan 18, 2021