Customer Service

  • Can you give me your phone number? I want to order your product by phone.

    Thank you for reaching out At 62, the right formulas to start are: 1) NeuEve Balm Cream 2) NeuEve Silk Suppositories We manage thousands of customers and cannot do phone calls and we do not handle credit cards by phone. Please purchase your product online on the website
  • Do you ship to Europe or sell your products in Europe?

    Thank you for reaching out. We receive many inquiries from Europe lately, but we have a hard time to ship packages overseas possibly due to the pandemic. We have no distributors in Europe because the complicated VAT taxation system there gave us a hard time. We hope things will improve in 2022...
  • How do I Skip, Pause or Cancel my Subscription?

    To Skip, Pause or Unsubscribe from Auto-Delivery of NeuEve, please watch this video:
  • How long the cream last after opening the jar?

    "I opened the cream jar last year but I forgot to finish it. The expiration date is not reached. Can I still use it?" About shelf life of cosmetics, there are two concepts. Expiration date. This is often written on the package. Sometime as it is written as "best before..." This means that if y...
  • How to change credit card for subscription

    Please watch this video to see how to change the credit card for your subscription.
  • Please change Autoship to Silk/Silver/Gold?

    If you wish to change your subscription please watch this video:
  • Why you do not provide free samples?

    Because free samples are counterproductive. They may not help customers to find ultimate relief. After menopause, women's estrogen reduces. In addition to vaginal atrophy, their bones may also develop osteoporosis (the atrophy of bones). A common method is nutritional supplement, like calcium pi...